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The upcoming event will bring local writers together

Published Friday 23 September 2022 00:22

What started with a consultant in Port Arthur sitting in a shop in the area while working, soon becomes a gathering of local writers promoting not only their work but their community as well.

Harry Abrams, who lives locally and also serves as associate pastor of Solid Rock Baptist Church in Orange, never intended to write a book.

The US Navy veteran had written several columns for it The Port Arthur News on ships going from country to country in the early 2000s, but that was as far as he had hoped his writing career would be.

Port Arthur native Harry Abrams is one of several authors who will be participating in an upcoming pop-up bookstore. (Photo courtesy)

Until his friend saw a collection of these in a pile and said, “This is going to be a book.”

So, a few years ago, he began assembling the columns on what last year became Transformed Thinking: Helping Improve Behavior in Society.

One day while working at Be Selfish Nutrition, Abrams was considering how to promote his book and asked co-owner Michael Myers if the store hosted pop-up events with local vendors.

Not only did they do it, but it’s something they’ve focused on since opening four months ago to bring community members together.

The Pop Up Book Shop will take place on September 24th at Be Selfish Nutrition. (Photo courtesy)

“We’ve done different businesses, and we’re doing this one,” said Myers, who owns the business with his wife Shayla. “The next one will be for people who like catering – tarts, cakes, all that good stuff. We let them in, show off their stuff and give people a chance to try them out. When people go on vacation, they know what to look out for.”

Myers said the events help those in the community to find the talent around them that they might otherwise not have known existed.

His daughter Paris Keal, for example, is an author.

“During the pandemic, Paris decided she wanted to write a book, so she just started writing books,” he said. “Next thing you know, she’s on Amazon.”

And the Memorial graduate, who currently works for the Spring Branch Independent School District, is currently working on her fifth book.

At least six authors have registered to attend the September 24 event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m

“I want his business to thrive, but at the same time I want to sell my books,” Abrams said. “So it’s a win-win situation. We’ll all be in there drinking nutritional drinks. So come on sit in there and have a drink and we’ll have a good time.”

Myers said there’s still time for other local writers to join if they’re interested.

Be Selfish Nutrition is located at 1403 Jefferson Drive.

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