Need Blazing-Fast Internet on Campus? Head to Kansas or South Carolina

Are you living on or near campus this semester? Hoping to supplement those late-night study sessions with Netflix binges and game streaming? Are any of your courses online? You’ll want to make sure the networks in your area are working when you need them most.

Ookla used his Speedtest Intelligence(Opens in a new window) data to determine college towns with the fastest (and slowest) internet speeds for students using cellular networks and fixed broadband networks.

If you’ve upgraded to a 5G phone, expect blazing speeds at Kansas State University. 5G speeds in Manhattan, Kansas measured an average of 324.14 Mbps during 5G speed tests during the second quarter of 2022, making it the best college city for 5G speeds. Rounding out the top five, Clemson, SC; College Park, Maryland; Auburn, Alabama, and Troy, NY. “Students in these places have every advantage when they use 5G phones for school or play,” Ookla concluded.

On the other hand, your 5G phone may be a brick in Bowling Green, Kentucky, home to Western Kentucky University, which averages 47.76 Mbps for downloads. Fayetteville, Ark. ; Blacksburg, Virginia; Cheney, Washington; and Morgantown, WV also had poor 5G performance. “Students in these places might want to consider whether 5G is even worth the extra investment,” says Ookla.

When it comes to overall mobile, 4G and 5G performance, Clemson leads with a median download speed of 175.77 Mbps during Q2 2022, followed by Tempe, Arizona; Kent, Ohio; College Park, Maryland; and Providence, RI.

Overall mobile performance in college towns

“These cities all have excellent download speeds, well above the median mobile download speed of 59.89 Mbps in the United States in July 2022, according to the Speedtest Global Index,” according to Ookla. “A total of 52 of the college cities on our list had median download speeds above this in Q2 2022.”

Bennington, Vermont, home to Pennington College and Southern Vermont College, had the worst mobile performance at 17.25 Mbps.

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best and worst college towns for fixed broadband speeds

If you’d rather not use up all of your phone’s data and want access to fixed broadband on campus, look no further than Grambling, Louisiana. Home to Grambling State University, the city averages 333.65 Mbps on the Ookla Speed ​​Test. Murfreesboro, TN; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Dover, Delaware; and Manchester, NH also performed well in the broadband test.

Oberlin College in Ohio, South Dakota State University at Brookings, and Tuskegee University in Alabama, however, rank among the lowest when it comes to fixed broadband speeds.

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