Morgan County mental health crisis response unit could help residents

MORGAN COUNTY – When someone in Morgan County needs help during a mental health crisis, it’s often the police who show up. Tasha Coppinger says it shouldn’t be the only option.

Coppinger, who works as organizing director at the nonpartisan nonprofit Hoosier Action, has spent the past few months meeting with community members in Martinsville and across the county to learn more about how local communities are being impacted by mental health issues amid rising substance use are using levels.

Coppinger is part of a group of local organizers trying to mobilize a crisis response unit to deal with mental health crises in Morgan County.

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“If someone is having a depressive episode, a psychotic episode, or is really struggling with their mental health, they now have the option to call the ambulance, call the police, or just drive to the emergency room,” Coppinger said.

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