Emily Bieberly’s Best Weight Loss Advice

90 day fiance Star Emily Bieberly has had quite a dramatic body makeover and is known for sharing weight loss tips that she personally finds helpful. Emily acted up 90DF Season 9 and married Kobe Blaise at the end of the franchise installment. She says she’s always struggled with the extra pounds and seems proud of the lifestyle changes she’s made to lose weight.

Emily and Kobe met in China while exploring the world and working as an English teacher. She and Kobe hit it off almost immediately, and their relationship quickly became more serious. Kobe proposed and Emily became pregnant with their first child, Koban. However, Emily had to return to America, and Kobe had to return to Cameroon. The two got back together two years later and have been together ever since. The couple have since welcomed a second child, Scarlet. Emily has managed to shed the unwanted pounds she has gained over time due to her pregnancies.


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Corresponding The overtime counter, One of the notable things the mother-of-two did after her second delivery was encapsulating her placenta in pills. She claims that taking the capsules helped her lose her postpartum weight within a few weeks of giving birth. Emily also shared that she gets to the gym at 5am and fans asked questions and wanted to know how she made time to work out as she’s a busy stay-at-home mom. She explained that the key was taking its time on purpose. For her, early mornings are “me time,” and she finds her workouts therapeutic.

90DF’s Emily Bieberly says persistence is key

She also encouraged her fans, saying that one of the most important aspects of being successful with a 90DF-Style weight loss journey doesn’t give up. Emily thinks it’s important to stick to a routine and stay consistent. She advised her followers to avoid slacking off as consistent diet and exercise would ultimately give them great results. Another suggestion from Emily’s Instagram was found in her caption for a mirror selfie. It was in response to a fan who had asked “How you do that?” She said weight loss should be a slow and steady process. Staying consistent and focused on a goal leads to a lower number on the scale, according to them. Emily also mentioned that she avoids junk food and makes healthier choices.

Emily seems happier where she is inside her 90DF Weight loss journey and shares pictures on her Instagram that motivate other people. Most 90 day fiance Fans are amazed by her determination and the way she manages to juggle everything. Emily still finds time to post cute baby videos, along with other types of tips.

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