Elrond to partner with Opera browser

blockchain company Elrond announced a new partnership with popular browser Opera that will provide its over 300 million users with easy access to EGLD, which is the cryptocurrency of the Elrond ecosystem.

The new partnership between Elrond and Opera

Opera is one of the first browsers, it was created in 2018 to surf the Web3 world and has an integrated wallet which could be a great opportunity for Elrondwhich actually explains:

“This is an exciting growth opportunity for Elrond and its ecosystem, as it creates the possibility for a radical expansion of its user base.”

In particular, the integration of Elrond’s blockchain and EGLD cryptocurrency will be done on Opera’s dApp, which is usable both on the web and on mobile via Opera’s own wallet.

As a decentralized browser, the advantage is that you can use the Internet securely and with a high level of privacy.

Beniamin MincuCEO of Elrond Network, explained:

“The synergy between Elrond and Opera is truly unique. As our technology brings radical improvements in performance and user experience, essential for the next wave of mass adoption, we are perfectly suited to Opera’s efforts to support the proliferation of blockchain-based technologies. We are excited to work together to open a new chapter in self-driving banking, where financial services are open to everyone, work almost instantly and are inexpensive.

Susie Batthead of the crypto ecosystem at Opera, revealed:

“Elrond’s seamless integration further expands the wide range of crypto-centric services available to Opera Crypto Browser users. Such interoperability is becoming increasingly important to any project aiming to adopt Web3, and we are excited to have other blockchain partners join us in our mission to accelerate the evolution of the Internet.

In addition to integrating EGLD, Opera will also support Elrond’s various ecosystem tokens such as ESDT used by Holoride, Itheum, Utrust, and Maiar DEX.

What is opera

Opera is a company with hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Opera has also developed Opera News and several applications dedicated to games, cryptocurrency, e-commerce and advertisements. In 2018, Opera introduced the browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet to support Web3 apps. Opera is based in Oslo, Norway, and is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).

Everything you need to know about the Elrond Blockchain

Elrond is a blockchain that uses what is called Adaptive State Sharding and a Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm to have a high level of scalability and transactions that are therefore fast and secure.

In this way, Elrond can deal up to 15,000 transactions per second (TPS).

Recently EGLD, the native cryptocurrency of this blockchain, was listing on the Revolut application, the famous fintech worth $33 billion, with more than 20 million customers worldwide.

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